Who We Are

our mission. our values. our purpose.

The only way to do great work is to love what you do.
– Steve Jobs

We are more than just event planners. We are meeting mavericks, networking enthusiasts, design devotees, logistics gurus, and creative innovators.

We are the people perfecting every last detail. We are the team conceptualizing the event from the attendee perspective. We are the ones you can count on to produce unique, one-of-a kind events tailored to your vision.

At Andavo, it isn’t just about the event – it’s about the engagement. We craft genuine experiences that invite attendees to connect, engage, and be inspired. We build events that are emotional, social, and real.

We are the extension of your team that you’ve always needed.

our leadership

Our Leadership

Over the past 25 years, the team at Andavo has been carefully cultivated to bring our clients the world class service they deserve. While we do have a few trademark tricks up our sleeve, we truly believe in a “one size fits one” approach.

Our clients can expect tailored services that fit their needs rather than fit a formula. Because of this, we have been proud producers of amazing events all of the world. By staying true to our passions and focused on our clients, Andavo delivers nothing but the best.

“Once we realized nothing tops the personal investment people make towards their organization, this purpose has driven every aspect of our work. When you work with Andavo you’re getting more than an event, you’re getting inspired experience.”

Our Philosophy

At Andavo, we tirelessly aim to unleash the power of human engagement through a suite of services that comprise an amazing event.