SpecialEvents.com has announced that in light of recent event concerns such as the Manchester bombing and Barcelona stage fire, The Special Event 2018 will provide an event-safety track.

According to their article, “due to the growing demand for safety and security at special events, The Special Event 2018 will feature a new track devoted to Event Safety. The show runs Jan. 30 to Feb. 1 in New Orleans.”

Andavo President and CEO Brenda Rivers has been quoted on the significance of attendee responses during catastrophes:

“Ultimately, attendees have to take responsibility for their lives and react like survivors in the first five minutes. Knowing where the exits are and alternative exits influence chances of survival. Staying calm and calming others; keeping hands empty, don’t yell or distract, move quickly but do not run and cause a stampede. Help others if possible but do not delay. Keep your cell phones off, do not take photos or make phone calls. Get out of the way of law enforcement and let them do their job.”

To learn more about event safety at special events, read the full article on SpecialEvents.com.

More information about Andavo and its new consulting service can be found by visiting http://andavomeetings.com/event-crisis-management/.