Andavo Meetings & Incentives Unveils New Meeting and Event Risk Management Strategy

Andavo’s meeting and event risk management strategy aims to prepare event management teams for potential major event crises and threats, including pandemics, natural disasters and terrorist attacks


DENVER – Nov. 30, 2016 – Andavo Meetings & Incentives, a full-service meeting, incentive and event management company, today announced the unveiling of its new offering, the Andavo Meeting and Event Risk Management Strategy. With disruption and uncertainty common in today’s world, Andavo hopes to provide their clients with customized crisis response plans that will not only protect them from potential threats at their meetings and events, but potential damage to their overall brand, as well.

Recent polls from Andavo’s clients cited no crisis communication strategy or contingency options were in place at their organizations, leaving many concerned about their personal safety. “In today’s world of uncertainty and disruption, companies have a heightened duty of care to all their meeting participants to keep them safe and secure,” stated Brenda Rivers, CEO, Andavo. “Although corporations have extensive risk management and legal teams who manage corporate risk, most of these crisis plans fail to address the serious threats to an organization’s meetings and events.”

Servicing companies in 75 countries over the past 25 years, Andavo has become well experienced at identifying key risks and creating solutions to remedy potential issues as they arise. The Andavo Meeting and Event Risk Management Strategy begins with an evaluation of each client’s current state of emergency preparedness. Once complete, the Andavo team will work alongside the client team to create a step-by-step crisis response and communication plan, which can be adapted for future meetings of any size and in any location.

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