Celebrating your biggest moments

Celebration is a confrontation, giving attention to the transcendent meaning of one’s actions.
– Abraham Joshua Heschel

We know that the fabric of a company is woven tight by their people. It’s the employees and partners who are inspiring change, making a difference in the community, and reaching new levels of achievement.

The opportunity to celebrate, recognize, and further encourage gala guests is a special one. That’s why we strive to personalize and make memorable these fabulous events – not only thanking the guests of honor but building deep rooted loyalty and appreciation across the board.

Impact Story: Paying it Forward

A Leading US cable provider wanted to reinforce its commitment to its customers by recognizing the front-line employees who deliver the brand daily.

For over 18 years Andavo has helped orchestrate a recognition event that has become a part of the company DNA. Despite leadership changes at the company, this event remained intact, resulting in an engaged front line workforce; one that feels empowered to deliver the brand because they are valued by their organization.

“The Andavo team has demonstrated an extraordinary passion for excellence and attention to detail. They care very much about finding the best solutions for our event needs. They consistently act as an extension of our team.”
– Chevron