Celebrating with once-in-a-lifetime experiences

Jobs fill your pockets, but adventures fill your soul.
– Jamie Lyn Beatty

All year long employees strive to meet annual goals in hopes of qualifying for the annual incentive trip – and we want to impress them when they do!

Exploring exciting destinations by arranging fantastic activities, enjoying unique culinary experiences, and being immersed in the local culture you can be sure winners will not only return home with many wonderful memories but they will also act as emissaries for the rest of the company and work even harder to secure their spot the following year.

Impact Story: Mundane to Magic

A US telecommunications firm needed help recasting its annual sales reward trip. Although the sales quota for the trip was already difficult to attain, Andavo helped the client move the focus from reward to incentive and engagement.

Over 5 years, Andavo’s strategic partnership delivered venues and destinations that improved in class annually, while the average cost per person remained flat. In return, the client enjoyed 5 years where trip winners, qualifying rates and most importantly, sales, increased year-over-year.

“Andavo is not an ordinary planning company. They are masters at logistics development and management. They are strategic thinkers who work tirelessly to design metrics to measure the ROI for our events. They help us align our event objectives with the company’s overall business goals.”
– 7-Eleven