Setting you up for success

Meetings are at the heart of an effective organization, and each meeting is an opportunity to clarify issues, set new directions, sharpen focus, create alignment, and move objectives forward.
– Paul Axtell

Away from dinging inboxes and buzzing phones, structured team or company meetings can truly give colleagues the opportunity to get stuff done. We take care of all the details, preparing the information and supplies to ensure your time together is efficient and effective.

We work with you to guarantee the coffee is hot and the technology is working so you can get right down to business.

Impact Story: Connecting the Drivers of Global Commerce

A leading global industrial real estate developer with over 650 Million sq ft of distribution space in the world’s economic nerve centers and over $60B in assets under managements wanted clearer justification for their meeting spend. Andavo helped this client uncover the “why” for its leadership and investment meetings, ensuring they aligned with the organization’s vision, keeping pace with the speed of global trade.

“Andavo was instrumental to the success of our Leadership Meeting. They have a special talent when it comes to meticulous attention to detail and that is what we appreciate the most.”
– Newmont Mining